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Anabolic steroids are a class of (prescription based) medications that contain a synthetically manufactured form of the hormone testosterone, or a related compound that is derived from this hormone. To fully understand how testosterone works we need to understand the functional structure of testosterone itself.As you know Testosterone and legal steroids is the primary male sex hormone. More specifically it is manufactured by the Leydig's cells in the testicles at various amounts in a man's life span. some nice tips on this.

Effects of this hormone are most evident during the puberty stages of young teen boys, when the increase of testosterone output is most dramatic in psychological and physical changes in the body. Some of these characteristics include deepened voice, facial and body hair growth, increased oil output by the sebaceous glands (acne), sexual organ development, maturity of sperm production and libido. The male reproductive and testosterone have such effects that are considered the masculinizing or “androgenic” properties of the hormone.

Anabolic history can go way back, yet development of these supplementation steroids were produced in 1930's-1940's in scientific purposes. We see that the first solid scientific experiments in this area, in which eventually led to discovery and replication of testosterone (as well as other similar androgens), were undertaken in the 1800's. Also find this Evernote on legal Steroids In this century a number of animal experiments were published, most which involved in the removal of implantation of testicular material from the lab subject. These studies certainly laid the foundation for the modern field of endocrinology (study of hormones). 

Chemists finally synthesized the structure of testosterone in the mid 1930's, sparking a new wave of interest in this hormone. With the medical community paying a lot of attention to this remarkable achievement, the possible therapeutic uses for a readily available synthetic testosterone quickly became an extremely popular focus. During the infancy of such experimentation many believed they had crossed paths with a true “fountain of youth” pharmaceutical.